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Monday, 4 June 2018

Initialize a Unity Storage without Network Connection

Problem Statement:

You have bought a new DELL EMC Unity Storage. Due to some policies, you cannot install Connection Utility or Command Line tool to initialize the Storage.

How will you proceed forward !!


" Unity Storage has Service IP address hard coded on the Service Port. However, you cannot directly access the IP address." 

So How does it works ???

1. You need to first download the IPMI Tool from ""  site. After downloading Install this. Default path of installation is C:\IPMItool

2. Have the Service IP Information noted down:

SP A Service IP:
SP B Service IP:

3. Connect to SP A or SP B Service Port Using the LAN Cable to your laptop. 

Service Port is the port on left bottom of below pic marked with a wrench symbol

4. Assign below IP address to the Laptop

Laptop IP Address: / Subnet:

5. Open Command Prompt and change the default location to C:\IPMItool. Run below command:

ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -C 3 -U console -P <passwordbg> -H <host> sol activate

Password is the Serial No of Unity Storage. You can find it on PSNT Tag on back or front side of storage physically.
Host is the IP address of Service SP A or SP B mentioned above already.

6. Once you run the above command, you will see the SP Login Prompt. Enter the default credentials. 

One fun exercise here... Username is admin or service. You need to find out what the default password is !!!

7. Run below command to configure the IP address and Hostname for your Unity Storage:

svc_initial_config –a –f <hostname> -n “<IP Address> <Netmask> <Gateway>”

Hostname is the hostname you want to confgure
IP address is the Mgmt IP address
Netmask is Subnet Mask
Gateway is default gateway

After the command succeeds. You need to connect to the Management port of SP and ping the configured IP address.

All the best !


  1. Thanks for these instructions which were helpful to me when I had a Unity array which I couldn't connect to out of the box.
    One additional point which may catch out others like me who don't read all the documentation in detail is the serial no. of the Unity. Of course I knew it was on the tag that pulls out from between a couple of the disk drives, except it didn't work. Never mind it is on the back as well, so I went round the back and there are 2 different serial no.s there, both of which didn't work. Back to the tag on the front and checked again, oh there is another serial no. on the other side of the tag as well. Tried that and still no joy. Now I reverted to RTFM and lo and behold there are two tags in between the disks and I was looking at the wrong one. Found the other one with a fifth different serial no. which did work. All the other numbers were also labelled as serial no.s so watch that you use the correct one other wise you can't log in.

    1. Being a Storage Engineer going to site for installation of Unity, you should be aware of the SN Tag and which tag to refer for correct serial no.
      Below the location of tag which bears the correct SN:

      *On a DPE with 25 vertical 2.5" drive slots, the tag is located below the DPE power status LED between drive slots 16 and 17.

      *On a DPE with 12 horizontal 3.5" drive slots, the tag is located on the top edge near the right side